David Lawson's Fahrzeug (#1275)

The bumper turned out very well. I need to work on less expensive items for a while. I'll come back to the winch.

General Information

Manufacturer and model Ford F-550 chassis cab
Country USA
Year of manufacture 2019
For sale? no


Engine type TurboDiesel
Cubic capacity 6.7 liters/406 cubic inches
Number of cylinders 8
Horsepower 330 hp @ 2600 rpm
Torque 750 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm


Radformel (4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8) 4x4
Wheel base 205 inches
Number of seats 2
Rim size 19.5 inches
Type of tyre medium duty truck tires
Tank capacity 26.5 gallon factory installed center tank and 100 gallon aux tank
Diesel filter yes
The truck has been ordered without the rear fuel tank. The auxiliary fuel tank will be incorporated into the habitation box and will be gravity operated. The plan to use Rickson conversion wheels is in doubt. I'm seeing bad reviews on them and I am having trouble contacting them. I'm looking for an acceptable alternative.
Permanent or manually selectable 4-wheel drive manual 4 wheel drive
Diff locks Factory rear limited slip and Eaton eLocker4 manual front


Manufacturer of the cabin myself
Cabin material Steel frame with aluminum skin
Number of beds one
Subframe rail on rail

Power supply

Voltage in the chassis 12 volt
Voltage in the cabin 12 volt
110V / 230V in the cabin? yes

Capacity of batteries in the cabin

Battery type lead acid 6 volt golf cart wired for 12 volt output
There are better batteries available, but the United States is littered with golf courses. Golf cart batteries are easy to find and are not prohibitively expensive.

Water system

Capacity of fresh water tank(s) 100 gallons
Capacity of waste water tank(s) 40 gallons
The highlighted pieces of the rear fuel tank have been ordered separately. It will be converted into skid plate equipped gray water tank.


Manufacturer and type of toilet Thetford cassette

Vehicle accessories

Rear carrier Single spare and I am looking for an appropriate motorcycle carrier design.
Extensive radio equipment to be installed in area of factory console. Amateur, CB, marine, aviation, MURS and GMRS will be incorporated. The front of the truck may be littered with antennas before this is over.
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owner David Lawson 
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