Kai de meers Fahrzeug (#3058)

General Information

Manufacturer and model VW Crafter
Name ich
Year of manufacture 2016
For sale? no


Cubic capacity 2,0
Number of cylinders 4
Horsepower 140


4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 4x2
Wheel base 3650 mm
Number of seats 2
Diesel filter no


Manufacturer of the cabin Eigenbau, Platten von Paneltec
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) Länge 3,10 /5,10 Breite 2,01
Cabin material Sandwich
Kind and thickness of insulation 42 mm
Number of beds 2
Windows 4
Subframe Kein

Floor plan

Heating system

Manufacturer and type of heating system Alde 3020 HE

Water system

Capacity of fresh water tank(s) 130
Capacity of waste water tank(s) 105


Manufacturer and type of toilet Zerhacker
Capacity of black water tank 105 l

Vehicle accessories

Roof rack Zölzer
released 26.07.22 
owner Kai de meer 
views 220 
filled out 39%