Fritz Post T3 (#209)

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General Information

Manufacturer and model VW
Name Mader
Year of manufacture 1980
For sale? no


Engine type Luftboxer
Cubic capacity 1.584
Number of cylinders 4
Horsepower 50
Torque 103
Sehr wenig Leistung. 2. Gang die Steigungen hoch, auch die Kasseler Berge


4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 4x2
Wheel base 2.455
Number of seats 5
Tyre size 185R14
Rim size 5,5x14
Type of tyre Allwetter
Tank capacity 80l
Diesel filter no
Permanent or manually selectable 4-wheel drive --


Manufacturer of the cabin VW
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 2,60m
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) 4,57m
Cabin material Stahlblech
Kind and thickness of insulation Glasfaserwolle
Number of beds 2+1
Windows Kunststoff
selbst lackiert in VW Atlantikblau

Floor plan

Explanation of floor plan
klassischer Bulli-Grundriss m. Klappsitzbank u. KÜCHENBLOCK


Material of furniture Pappelsperrholzplatte roh geölt

Cooking stove

Cooking stove Gasherd 2-flammig
Gas installation 5kg-Flasche

Refrigerator; cool box

Manufacturer and type of fridge / cooler --

Power supply

Voltage in the chassis 12V
Voltage in the cabin 12V
Charging converter 24V-12V --
110V / 230V in the cabin? no

Capacity of batteries in the cabin

Capacity of batteries in the cabin 70Ah
Battery type Starterbatterie
Battery charger for cabin batteries Generator/Lichtmaschine
Battery management --

Power generation

Solar capacity --
Solar controller --
Fuel cell no

Heating system

Manufacturer and type of heating system --

Gas system

Explanation of gas system
Gasflaschen Kasten im Küchenschrank

Water system

water flow Kanister m. Tauchpumpe
Capacity of fresh water tank(s) 20l
Capacity of waste water tank(s) --


Manufacturer and type of toilet --

Vehicle accessories

Rear carrier kein
Roof rack keine
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