2016-06-07 20:56

Crowdfunding campaign for the english book

More and more people from abroad ask me to publish my book in english. A good idea, but to produce a hardcover book with 512 pages 4c costs a lot of money and to market it worldwide is another story than to promote my book in my german speaking home market. At the end I came to the idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the fund. A limited risk for myself and a good opportunity to anybody to buy my book at a special price during the crowdfunding campaign. My book is for anybody interested in building a motorhome, campervan, RV or overland truck or wanting to optimise an existing one. The "ingredients" are more or less the same, in smaller vehicles you use smaller components but the principles for installation of heating, water, gas and electrics are more or less the same, no matter what kind of chassis is below the box.

So I launched the campaign just in time at the first night of Abenteuer Allrad offroad show, despite the fact not everything was really set up at that time. Right now there are already 50 backers who support the campaign. Thanks to all who are supporting us!

Please watch our video on Kickstarter with some amazing driving scenes from our last trip to Morocco and the Western Sahara.

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  • 17-03-07 07:46
    George Swetland
    Planning tools
    Are the planning tools only offered in German?