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Red Whim because ... the direction of Eastern Europe and further Asia (former USSR countries, and there are very often rivers and no bridges;) For about 40 years off-road is what I do as a hobby and as a job. 30 years ago I built the MH on the STAR 660 truck bought from the military. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_66 We did some nice trips and holidays for the family. Shortly after then, we decided to move from the center of Krakow, where we lived with my wife and son, to a small (12 inhabitants at the time, 6 now) settlement among the forests of POMERANIA. Those were beautiful times. The Soviet Army left Pomerania at that time, and huge state-owned farms were also liquidated. We could wander for days and not meet a human. Then STAR retired in the garden and we traveled with several Land Rovers, but that's another story, including the history of the 52 edition (october 2021)of the Pomerania Trophy that we have been organizing for 26 years and we hope to continue organizing it. Once we got to know each path and each stone in the area of 200 km, we decided to see a bigger piece of the world. The time was good, Joanna (my wife) set off in her own way, with a backpack. She traveled in this way many distant places about which I do not know much, except where roughly to look for them on maps. She also had off-road accents in these trips, with our son she traveled by Delica 4x4 accros Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, including Pamir Higway. In Kamchatka, she used the Ural and Kamaz. Here you can see the photo mix from her travels. She photographs of nature with great passion. https://jasawa.flog.pl/ I chose traveling on wheels to Russia (Siberia, Northern Ural, Caucasus) and to my favorite Romanian Carpathians, where I spend at least a month and a half every year. The first was LR SIII 109, then the RR Classic, then the Discovery, the LR 110, all more or less adapted to live. But still too small. I always travel with a big dog (sometimes with two). I have been looking for IVECO DAILY 4x4 for several years. Finally, luck made me find what I was looking for. I did what it takes to be able to live and for several years it has been my primary means of my annual mountain holiday travel and everyday work near home. http://www.njz.pl/2019/near/garaz/dylizans/njzredstagecoach/index.html However for the direction plans: travel to East it is too small. Well it is now Iveco Magirus 90 16 http://www.njz.pl/2019/near/garaz/fanaberia/cfind.html Apart from the Pomerania Trophy, my job is to create publicly available legal free caravanning and off-road routes to which I invite you to Pomerania. The trails can be downloaded here http://www.njz.pl/STM/index.php there are also off-road trails for MH trucks. These are beautiful grounds. Forests, lakes, views, lots of parking spaces and small amount of people, especially from September to June. If there are not enough routes for you there, I can always organize an interesting Pomeranian multi-day adventure for you. See you on the way. Norbert & Joanna info@njz.pl

General Information

Manufacturer and model Iveco Magirus 90 16
Name njz red whim
Country Poland
Website http://www.njz.pl/2019/near/garaz/fanaberia/cfind.html
Year of manufacture 1990
For sale? yes
Asking price? 56000. EU


Engine type BF6L 913
Cubic capacity 6128
Number of cylinders 6
Horsepower 160
36 Tkm


4x2, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 4x4
Wheel base 3800
Number of seats 6
Tyre size 385/65/22,5
Rim size 22,5
Type of tyre LongMarsh All_Terrain
Tank capacity 100 + 140 kanister
Diesel filter no
Permanent or manually selectable 4-wheel drive pernament
Diff locks rear axle + transferbox


Manufacturer of the cabin lentner + my concept
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 3125/2545/2150
Outer dimensions (LxWxH) 3130/2550/2200
Cabin material Steel + aluminium
Kind and thickness of insulation Styrofoam + styrodur + aluminum foil. 4 - 6 cm
Number of beds 4/6
Windows 5
Subframe standart Lentner
Cab "A" 2
Cab "B" 2
additionally in the trunk 2


Material of furniture wood and waterproof plywood

Cooking stove

Cooking stove 2x2
Gas installation LPG/GPL
Cabin "A" with two burners. Cabin "B" with two burners
Cabin "A" cartridge. Cabin "B" (2x) 11 l LPG

Refrigerator; cool box

Manufacturer and type of fridge / cooler 80 l
Cabin "A" 40 l compressor. Cabin "B" 40 l compressor

Power supply

Voltage in the chassis 24
Voltage in the cabin 12/24/230
Charging converter 24V-12V yes
110V / 230V in the cabin? yes
Inverter 1500W sinus
3 x battery packs
1 - chassis and motor 24 V 125 Ah + solar panel on the roof
2 - winch, refrigerators, inverter; 24 V 125 Ah + solar panel on the roof
3 - cabin "B" lamps, heating, ventilation, watter 12 V 190 Ah + portable solar

Capacity of batteries in the cabin

Capacity of batteries in the cabin 190 Ah
Battery type Yuasa 12V (2 x 95 Ah)
Battery charger for cabin batteries converter 24>13.8 / solar / 230V (parking)
Battery management dual system, solar system

Power generation

Solar capacity 2 x 200 w + mobile 1 x 100 w
Solar controller 3 x 20A
Fuel cell no
Power generator Robin 1200
1 - solar panel on the roof 2 x 24 V x 2000W
2 - portable solar 12 V 100 W

Heating system

Manufacturer and type of heating system Webasto
Warm water processing flow gas heater
Cab heating Webasto AIR TOP + wood stove
cab "A" webasto air 5000 W
cab "B" webasto air 2000 W
cab "B' wood stove

Gas system

Explanation of gas system
LPG/GPL (2 x 11 kg)

Water system

water flow pressure water pump
Water filtration system no
Capacity of fresh water tank(s) 310 l
Capacity of waste water tank(s) 120 l
cab "A" 60 l
cab "B" 3 x 70 L + 20 l (250 l)
extra: installation for drinking water 30 l (3x 10 l) canister + water pump + tap in the kitchen


Manufacturer and type of toilet Thetford

Vehicle accessories

Rear carrier yes
Roof rack yes
Storage boxes yes
Outside cooking facilities yes
Awning yes
WINCH 20 000 LBS
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